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  • Where we located at?
    Head Ofiice in Male’ City: H. Filigasdhoshuge, 04th Floor, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Male’ Republic of Maldives Hulhumale’ City Branch: Tree Top Hospital Support Building, Lot 10608, Area G-SB-24, Orchid Maa Hingun, Hulhumale’
  • What are the suppliers registered under MFLC?
    · Most of the well-known suppliers/shops in Maldives are registered under scheme. Our stickers will be posted in outlets in Male’ as well as branches.
  • What are the organizations registered under MFLC?
    · Most of the government schools, organizations, institutions & atoll councils are registered under MFLC scheme.
  • How much is the interest rate of a Faseyha Loan/Lease?
    · Interest rates are between 18% to 20% · If the duration is between 6 to 12 months the interest rate will be 18% · If the duration is between 12 to 36 months the interest rate will be 20%
  • When does the asset get transferred to the client/lessee’s name?
    At the end of the lease and upon fulfilment of all the obligations under the lease, the asset is transferred to the lessee for a nominal fee.
  • How can I contact MFLC?
    · You can contact us from our land line number 3315605/3315604/3315606 · For any requests or any information you can communicate with us via
  • What are the services provided by MFLC?
    MFLC is primarily a Finance Leasing company that provides full pay-out finance leases for movable assets, usually, to be used for existing businesses. In addition, our product line includes, Micro-Leases and Insurance Premium Financing (IPF).
  • How many months can lease/loan up to?
    Can lease/loan from a period of minimum 06 months and up to a maximum of 60 months depending on salary.
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